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About Us

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Rick Shepard


Pioneering Excellence in Wood Flooring for 40 Years

Rick Shepard - Weston, Connecticut, 65 years young, is the driving force behind Wood Floors of Westport. With over four decades of invaluable experience in the home improvement industry, Rick has honed his craft to perfection. His journey has been a quest to exceed customer expectations while optimizing work efficiency, ensuring an impeccably finished product.

A Craft Refined by Experience

To achieve such a level of excellence, one must not only understand the art of wood flooring but also the dynamic interplay between customer desires and the unique nuances of each project. No two jobs are alike, and Rick knows this all too well. He brings a personalized approach to every project, making your dream floors a reality. His 40 years of experience ensures that your aspirations are met.

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Beyond Wood Floors

Rick is not just a wood flooring expert; he's a seasoned advisor. He comprehends that homeowners seek a methodical, comprehensive approach. This extends from selecting the right type of wood, and understanding wear and tear, to harmonizing a myriad of colors in a room, including matching surrounding cabinets and wall shades. In certain cases, the journey to the perfect floor may require painting kitchen cabinets and walls to achieve a seamless transformation. These are all challenges that Rick and his team can expertly guide you through.


From the very first interaction to the final reveal, Rick takes immense pride in ensuring your satisfaction. Whether you're seeking expert advice on flooring, installation services, or refinishing, Rick's expertise consistently leaves your home, office, or business looking exceptional. At Wood Floors of Westport, it's not just about selling or installing floors; it's about crafting a visual masterpiece that enhances your space.

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Your Dream Floors are Just a Call Away!

Trust Rick Shepard and his team to bring your vision to life. With over four decades of experience and a commitment to excellence, Wood Floors of Westport is your go-to destination for all your wood flooring needs. 

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