Wood Floors of Westport

Wood Flooring in Fairfield, CT

Wood flooring projects are invasive if your living in the home. We know how to make the process less of a pain in the neck than it need be. Our process is the best, let’s talk.

Home owners require a understanding and methodical approach from type of wood to choose and how multiple ( confusing ) color choices effect floor as well as surrounding cabinets and wall colors. In some cases we paint kitchen cabinets and surrounding walls to make the process work for home owners.

Step 1:

Review finish samples on color chart

Step 2:

Apply stain to the floor for visual sampling

Step 3: Furniture Removal

If needed we can provide furniture  removal with either on site storage or off site if requested.
All necessary kitchen cabinets , light fixtures and necessary shelving will be wrapped in plastic for dust protection.

Step 4: Floor Refinishing

Wood installation runs from 1 – 3 days and refinishing process typically 5 days and depending on finishing process up to 7 days.